What our clients said about AdZero


"Since installing AdZero I have AdZero ads popping up and following me around the internet. My browsing experience is so much faster!"

Stephen N.

"Came across AdZero while checking a site and I'm 110% satisfied with the results. Have not one single ad that I recall for the last 259 days! Absolutely recommend it. Who wants all this other stuff coming up when you are trying to search and look at something. NO MORE DISTRACTION"

Cathy S

"I was hesitant to install this but am so glad I did! Thank you AdZero for blocking all of those annoying ads."

Robert Stevens

"I hate it when loud video ads start playing in my shared office. Now I can browse in peace without distracting my coworkers."

S. Kaye

"I’m very happy that I upgraded to the AdZero monthly plan. I’ve been using this service for just 3 months and have already blocked over 100k ads! This is such a lifesaver!"

Justine Michaels

"Can’t believe how well this actually works. I haven’t seen a single ad since installing this extension."

Kristen L

"My computer runs so quickly now that it’s not trying to load so many ads on each page. The monthly cost is worth every penny for the time I’ve saved."

Charles B

"I upgraded to the Quarterly Plan and added this to all of my family’s computers as my Christmas gift to them. They all say it’s the best gift they’ve ever received. NO MORE ADS!"


"As the resident “IT Guy” at my small business I’m always on the lookout for better options to help out my team. The Annual Plan allows me to be a hero and save everyone the time and hassle caused by annoying pop-up ads for all of the workstations at the office."


"I always found it creepy the way ads would follow me around forever after researching a product. So glad that AdZero stops these ads from tracking me. Now I’m always on stealth-mode!"

Online Shopper

"My grandson installed this on my computer after I fell victim to an ad scam. Now I can go online without worrying about getting taken advantage of again."

Grandma Patti

"This is amazing! It’s about time someone came up with a blocker that truly blocked all ads. Now if only they could block spam calls!"